The Levitator V2 is a board capable of flying in the lightest breeze and handling big sails and big riders. For 2022, we wanted to reduce the swing weight as much as possible so we shortened the Levitator’s nose dramatically over V1. We also added inboard/outboard footstrap inserts for a complete array of setup options.



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The Levitator V2 160L is our ultimate light-wind machine that’s
capable of handling the largest of sails. The board features
adjustable foil tracks that allow you to precisely place the
center of lift. Intermediate or advanced windsurfers will place
the foil towards the back of the track and ride efficiently in the
straps. Sliding the foil all the way forward allows beginner-level
windsurfers to get up on the foil with their front foot by the mast
base, in a beginner windsurf stance—now you can learn to
windfoil before you have mastered the footstraps. The Levitator
V2 160L is wide and stable enough for all but the heaviest
beginners and get any rider flying in the lightest wind.


Die Anforderungen an Boards verändern sich rasend schnell. Der Levitator wurde von uns geschaffen, um mit breiter Brust an die Erfolge seines Vorgängers anzuknüpfen und ebenso wegweisende Impulse für die Weiterentwicklung des Sports zu setzen.

  • 200 cm
  • 35,8 in
  • 5 in
  • 160 l


  • All new shape: shorter nose = less swing weight
  • Inboard and outboard footstrap inserts
  • Easy to uphaul and slog home if the wind dies
  • Wide, boxy tail for volume underfoot and plenty of stability
  • Light, stiff and strong Biax Carbon Construction

1 | New Shorter-nose Shape

Completely redesigned for earlier lift and less swing weight

2 | New Extended Foil Tracks

Tracks continue out the back of the tail to provide an astoundingly easy foil connect/disconnect.

3 | Inboard and Outboard Footstrap Inserts

Go inboard for ease of use, and go outboard for speed and tack angles.

4 | Biax Carbon Layup

Light, stiff and strong our Biax Carbon Layup starts with an ultra light EPS foam core wrapped with higher density PVC foam and then covered top and bottom with Biax Carbon. A PVC Carbon stringer runs down the middle of the board and is paired with glass-wrapped T-Stringers to either side, which provides I-beam strength.

5 | New Inset Bottom Carry Handle

Get in and out of the water with ease and style.


Pures Foil-Feeling: Das Wizard V3 mit 90 Liter Volumen ist darauf ausgelegt, dir das direkteste Fahrgefühl für dein Foil zu liefern und trotz kompakter Abmessung mit guter Kippstabilität zu überzeugen. Die goldene Mitte der Wizard-Range: Der Wizard 114 bietet Agilität und ein kompakteres Feeling als mit der 130-Liter-Version, aber ein deutlich besserer Leichtwind-Takeoff als bei der 90-Liter-Variante. Für alle, die maximale Kippstabilität und einen frühe Takeoff wünschen, als auch für schwere Fahrer, ist die 130l Ausführung des Wizard V3 die optimale Wahl.

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