WF-2 V4


Designed to fit the largest range of skill levels from beginner to expert, the WF-2 V4 is the ultimate crossover board between wakesurfing and foilsurfing.



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WF-2 V4

As the trend in foiling continues to move towards shorter boards, we redesigned the WF-2 V4 foilboard to pack the same amount of surface area into a shorter board length. At 4’6” the WF-2 V4 is an excellent choice for all levels of foilers, has foot strap inserts and is the best traditional wakesurfing shape we’ve ever produced for those interested in removing the foil for traditional surf sessions. The board features an aggressive nose rocker designed to increase forgiveness when touching back down to the surface in the early stages of foil progression, and the shorter length allows advanced foilers to pump more aggressively without concern of unintentional contact with the water.


Die Anforderungen an Boards verändern sich rasend schnell. Das WF-2 wurde von uns geschaffen, um mit breiter Brust an die Erfolge seines Vorgängers anzuknüpfen und ebenso wegweisende Impulse für die Weiterentwicklung des Sports zu setzen.

  • 4'6 in
  • 21 in
  • 1,44 in
  • -


  • You’ll love the WF-2 V4 because it’s the one board that works for everyone— wakesurfers, first-time flyers and expert foilers alike.

1 | Adjustable Foil Track Mount

This allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability and personal preference.

2 | Inline Footstrap Inserts

Simple inline inserts allow for the addition of half straps or full footstraps based on rider preference.

3 | Corduroy EVA

Super-soft EVA features a corduroy texture that provides tons of grip (and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye).

4 | FCS II Fin Boxes

For those interested in the multi-functionality of the WF-2 V4, Twin FCS II fin boxes allow for the quick addition/subtraction of surf fins for traditional wave-riding sessions.

5 | Nose Rocker

When learning to foil you will experience quick rises—and even quicker crashes. The nose rocker on the WF-2 V4 will help absorb that impact and direct you back onto foil.


Pures Foil-Feeling: Das Wizard V3 mit 90 Liter Volumen ist darauf ausgelegt, dir das direkteste Fahrgefühl für dein Foil zu liefern und trotz kompakter Abmessung mit guter Kippstabilität zu überzeugen. Die goldene Mitte der Wizard-Range: Der Wizard 114 bietet Agilität und ein kompakteres Feeling als mit der 130-Liter-Version, aber ein deutlich besserer Leichtwind-Takeoff als bei der 90-Liter-Variante. Für alle, die maximale Kippstabilität und einen frühe Takeoff wünschen, als auch für schwere Fahrer, ist die 130l Ausführung des Wizard V3 die optimale Wahl.

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